i’m sure you have noticed that the W-O-S and the Nayo page have both been removed. Feel free to continue to use the blog as a resource and there will still be updates on the member related pages: BFPs, Angels & Baby pages.

*The pages were removed to make the blog more neutral and informational*

that is all.


there seems to be an awful lot of drama and controversy surrounding this blog.

As far as the Wall-O-Shame goes, people who are put on there are put there for a reason. Someone will not be put on there because a fellow nestie doesn’t like something that was said. We may have made a mistake by asking for nominations, so that won’t be happening anymore.  Suggestions and comments are still welcome, but trying to bully people on the board by saying they’ll be nominated is bull shit.  so that’s where we stand with that.

there have been so many BFPs it’s been hard to keep up!

post them here if you want them added to the page!

Congrats ladies!

if you want to add your BFP/EDD info page us on the nest, e-mail us at gpnestblog@gmail.com or leave a comment on the BFP page.

Angel’s page coming soon, we want to approach this page with sensitivity so any info you do or do not want please let us know!

since her name doesn’t come up in the members search. whoever wants to block this “newb with a tude” here’s the direct page to do so.


Please take a second and answer our poll. we’re thinking of putting up a BFP page.

It might be a lot of work but if you guys want it, we’ll do it. If we do put one up we will probably also put up an “Angels” page for our nesties that have angels in heaven.

Let us know!

Yes, we did it, we dedicated an entire page to Nayo…check it out!